Friday Night Base Raid game... some instructions for leaders

We’ve got an EPIC leaders vs. youth game planned for Friday night. All leaders will be involved, so we thought we’d better give you a heads up. Here’s how it’ll work, in brief:Leaders and youth will be released from Friday’s Late Night Show (LNS) to play the game. 

  • Youth will be provided with glow sticks for their wrist or leg at the LNS. The aim of the game (for them) is to make it to the volleyball court (next to the soccer field) and place their glow stick in a large clear tube.
  • As a leader, the aim of the game is to prevent the youth from filling the clear tube by chasing and grabbing glow sticks from them. (Note: once the youth are on the volleyball court sand they are safe and you can’t grab their glowstick).
  • If youth lose their glow stick or it’s taken by a leader, they must go back to the auditorium and get a new one.
  • When the youth fill the clear tubes with glowsticks to a predetermined height, a signal is given and the game is over: the youth have won.

Note: Male leaders can only steal from male youth / male leaders cannot steal from female youth. Female leaders can choose to steal from male or female youth.

More detailed instructions will be provided at Friday night’s LNS! We will fill your youth in then...