Kings Birthday Weekend - May 31 - June 3
Totara Springs, Matamata, NZ


Registrations for Rage 24 are CLOSED as of 17 May 2024

Each youth group leader is responsible for registering their youth group as a group first and then the individual campers can register through that youth group. You can start this process here.


The rego cut-off date of Friday 17 May is strictly enforced - unfortunately we are unable to accept any late regos. We may be able to switch out campers from one male to a male or a female for a female. Leaders can check on all who are registered with their group by going to this link and logging in with the same user they created the youth group with originally.

Mailing list

Our pre camp e-newsletters tell you everything you need to know in the lead-up to camp. They’re distributed every few weeks from April until camp begins. If you’re a youth leader and you’re keen to bring your youth group to camp this year, it’s essential you jump on our mailing list. Email celeste@hmrage.co.nz

Camp Location

HM Rage is held at Totara Springs Christian Centre, 288c Taihoa North Road, RD3 Matamata. Your youth group is responsible for arranging transport with your youth.