Are you a photographer or videographer? We need you!

Space has opened up on our HM Rage team for photographers and videographers to capture imagery at this year’s camp. We realise we’re only a few short weeks away from camp (eep!), so if it’s on your heart to serve in either of these areas, we’d really love to hear from you ASAP. Specifically, we’re looking for:

  • 2+ photographers to shoot stills that capture the heart of what’s going on at camp. Images will be edited daily and put into Dropbox by around 11pm each evening, ready to be loaded to social media. Ideally the photographers will also dedicate time to capturing, editing and Dropboxing group photos of Sunday night’s banquet.
  • 1-2 videographers to shoot and edit a daily highlights video capturing the heart, community and what’s going on at camp. Videos will be edited daily, ready to be played at each main session and loaded to social media. Look to Northern Easter Camp’s highlight videos on their Facebook page for inspiration.

You’ll need to have your own photography/videography gear; however, there is budget to hire lights and small extra items. Ben and Siobhan Grainger will be available to offer support during the weekend. Contact Ben to register your interest: benhgrainger@gmail.com021 212 9141.