Let us help you out with some answers to frequently asked questions

What is HM Rage?
HM Rage is a Christian camp for teenagers (high schoolers in years 9 to 13). The camp has been run by a bunch of volunteers from around the North Island for more than 30 years. The aim is to provide a fun, energetic, social, and Christ-focused option for teenagers over Queen’s Birthday weekend.

I want to attend, or know someone who does. What must I do to register?
HM Rage takes registrations from youth groups only (rather than from individuals). If you’re a teenager you must hook-in with a local youth group that attends HM Rage first and they will help you register. (We’ll try to put you in touch with the nearest group to you if we can – just contact us). If you’re a youth group leader wanting to register your group, find out more on our registration page.

What does the programme typically look like?
The programme is a combination of compulsory organised activities, non-compulsory organised activities, and ‘free time’.

  • Compulsory organised activities include Main Sessions with a main speaker and worship, Breakout Session with different speakers communicating to smaller groups, Late Night Shows with plenty of fun and games and the ever-popular Banquet on Sunday night.
  • Non-compulsory organised activities include a Sports Comp, Talent Quest, Hot Pool, Movies, Foam Party and various other goings-on.
  • Free time speaks for itself!

Of course breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the programme too! We’ll provide a link to the 2019 programme closer to camp.

What does camp cost?
Cam costs $190 whether you're a student or adult. There is an extra $21 cost for those with any special dietary requirements. You’ll be able to select this option in your rego form.

Youth or parents, please talk to your / your child’s youth group leader if cost is a concern.

I’m coming along… what should I pack?
Take a look at our handy packing list!

Where is HM Rage held?
At Totara Springs Christian Centre (TSCC), 288c Taihoa North Road, RD3 Matamata. Nestled at the foot of the Kaimai mountain ranges, TSCC is situated on 90 acres of park-like grounds and native bush with streams, walks and bush trails. It has a large indoor auditorium, dining space, multiple breakaway areas and plenty of cabins for sleeping. The experienced Totara Springs staff take care of HM Rage registrations, catering, and provision of some site equipment.

Where do attendees sleep?
TSCC has multiple cabins available for sleeping. However, with camp hitting maximum capacity over the last few years, we’ve had to sleep attendees in other warm indoor spaces around the site. The first youth groups to register are guaranteed the ‘best’ sleeping arrangements!

Can attendees come and go?
No. Once you’re at camp, you’re expected to stay there – for safety and security reasons. We also do not allow day visitors for the same reasons. Trust us though, once you arrive you’ll be sad to go home come Monday!

Is there a cap on the number of total camp attendees?
Due to space, unfortunately we do put a cap on the number of attendees! *Tear*. TSCC’s hosting capacity is 500 people and operates on a first-in-first served basis. Basically, the quicker a youth group is at registering, the better their chances are of not being turned away. (So do your best to be quick-off the mark when registration opens!)

This year (2019), the final registration cut-off date is Friday 17 May. However, if Totara Springs' capacity is exceeded prior to this date and a youth group has not yet registered, unfortunately we can’t guarantee that youth group will be able to attend. In this case, approval for youth groups to attend will be based on earliest registrations received.

Who’s responsible for ‘looking after’ attendees?
As mentioned above, each individual comes to camp as part of a youth group. Outside the activities HM Rage provides, youth group leaders are strictly responsible for the general wellbeing of camp attendees.

What about security and medical emergencies?
While we do take every precaution to keep the camp safe, sometimes people get sick or injured. Rest assured we have a team of experienced leaders, as well as registered nurses and doctors, on-site 24/7 to deal with any emergency.

What’s the drug and alcohol policy?
HM Rage has a zero-tolerance policy to drugs and alcohol. Parents of offenders will be contacted and are required to pick up their young person on the same day.