2018 breakout sessions: speakers and topics

We now have a list of this year’s breakout session topics and speakers. They tackle important contemporary issues and run in an hour slot on the Saturday and Sunday morning of camp. Your young people can choose which session they prefer to attend on each day. Check out the blurbs and have a think about which one(s) you and your young people would like to attend.

Crapchat, Snapchat: Where is Jesus when Life Sucks?
Life can suck. In a world which hits us with divorce, death and despair - how do we keep holding on to Jesus when the livestreams of others seem so much better than ours, and we feel like it’s so much easier to give up? Come join Tatiana Hotere, as she shares of her experience of life being tragically flipped upside down - and how we can find Jesus in the dark places.

Mind Games - Fight For Your House!
It can be easy to get worn down by life - and feel like you're losing the fight. How can we learn to live well - mind, body, spirit and family - in a world that can seem to fighting against us? Come and join counsellor Leah Gillander as she gives us practical ways to live a life that thrives!

Loving, Life & A Sexually Charged World
Let’s face it - we live in a world that’s obsessed with sex! What are we meant to do with pornography, dating, forgiveness, guilt - and all the rest that comes with this? Join Pete Meafou as he provides a fun and frank conversation around living well in a sexually charged world.

Spiritual Warfare
Sam & Hannah Liddle are youth pastors from the Sunshine Coast, and are passionate about seeing young people establish to true and honest relationship with God - being empowered by the Holy Spirit to live out all He is calling them too. They’ll be focusing on the unseen realm and how important it is. Who is the ultimate battle between? What role do we have to play? What power does the name of the name of Jesus have in our world today? Sam & Hannah want to see a generation fired up and excited about what God wants to do and how he wants to use them.