Talent Quest FAQs

Keen to enter the this year's HM Rage talent quest, but need a bit more information? Check out our answers to Frequently Asked Questions, here:
  • Who can enter? Talent can come in all shapes and sizes. It might be acoustic, vocal, dance, wearable arts, poetry, video, or something else. We want to see it all!
  • How can I register? Online registrations pre-camp are the way to go. Simply visit the 'Talent Quest' webpage on the HM Rage website and fill-in the online form.
  • What's the performance schedule: This year, all auditions will be on Saturday afternoon of HM Rage. More information will follow at camp.
  • Are there prizes? This year we have over $1000 worth of prizes to be won. But, as the saying goes, you've gotta be in to win! Not only that, there will be a stack of pizza's for the youth group that has the most entries.
  • Any tips for entrants? First and foremost, we recommend practicing early. Well-rehearsed acts stand out to the judges, and improve your youths' chances of receiving a prize-place.
We're looking forward to receiving your online registration!