How camp runs

How camp is structured

Arrival: Each year, gates open at 7pm on the Friday night. Youth groups are individually responsible for organising their own transport to and from camp. Upon arrival, at least one key youth leader must visit Totara Springs’ reception to complete registration for their group; this includes collecting wrist bands and other key info. Meanwhile there will be activities available for youth to participate in.

Daily programme: The HM Rage programme varies slightly each year, but is always a combination of compulsory organised activities and free time.

Compulsory organised activities include

  • 2 main sessions per day, including a keynote speaker and worship
  • Small group times after the main sessions to discuss what’s been shared
  • Breakout seminars with different speakers communicating to smaller groups about topical issues
  • A sports competition between youth groups
  • The ever-popular banquet or ball on Sunday night

Daily leaders meetings also occur each morning and are compulsory for all leaders.

Free time speaks for itself!

  • During pockets of free time there's talent quest heats, a hot pool, movies, foam party, wide game and various other goings-on. Or youth can make their own fun with their friends.

Leaving: Camp finishes after lunch on the Monday, typically around 1-2pm. Youth groups are responsible for making their own way home.

2022 programme

We’re currently in the process of teeing-up the 2022 programme. We’ll release this closer to camp. Keep an eye out!

2022 speakers

We're blessed to have Aaron Hardy as our main speaker for 2022.