Camper info

We want all HM Rage campers to feel as well-prepared for HM Rage 2018 as possible. That's why we're putting together a downloadable camper 'info sheet'. It includes all you need to know about registering for camp, this year's theme, talent quest, sports comps, and what to bring. Coming soon. Watch this space...

Gear list

Remember to review this list before turning up at camp to make sure you're well-prepared.


  • Bedding: Warm sleeping bag and pillow. Extras blankets are optional.
  • Warm clothes: Puffer jacket or warm jacket, thermals, beanie.
  • Water proofs: Rain jacket/leggings
  • Toiletries: Soap, deodorant, toothbrush, sunblock
  • Active wear: Swimming gear, sports clothes, rough outdoor clothes. Some activities you might get messy or wet in!
  • Footwear: Old shoes (sturdy footwear will be needed for some activities), jandals.
  • Essential medications: e.g. inhalers, allergy remedies, regular medications.
  • A torch: extremely handy in the dark.
  • Bible: Ask your Youth Group leader if you don't have one.
  • Pen and paper: For taking some sweet notes at the sessions and electives.
  • Your friends: as many as you want, bring'em on.
  • Banquet costume: This year's banquet theme is 'The Art of War'!


  • Bean-bag, pillow or cushion: for breakout sessions and main speaker events.
  • Musical instruments: for jammin'.
  • Sports gear: Rugby/soccer/net/basket/beach/ping pong balls, frisbees, stilts, unicycles. Talk with your youth leader first as they might be bringing stuff.
  • Gold coins: for coffees, tootsies & donuts (buy clip cards from theoffice with eftpos)