At camp

How camp is structured

Camp runs from the Friday evening at 7pm when gates open, to Monday shortly after midday on Queen's Birthday Weekend. The programme is a combination of compulsory organised activities, non-compulsory organised activities, and ‘free time’.

  • Compulsory organised activities include Main Sessions with an epic main speaker and worship, Breakout Sessions with different speakers communicating to smaller groups about interesting topics, the Late Night Show with plenty of fun and games, an all-in sports competition and the ever-popular Banquet on Sunday night (paaarty!).
  • Non-compulsory organised activities include Talent Quest, Hot Pool, Movies, Fooseball, and various other activities.
  • Free time speaks for itself! The organised activities listed above are part of free time... but youth can simply spend time chatting and hanging out with one another if they'd prefer.

Of course breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the programme too! You won’t go hungry, we promise you that.

The 2019 programme detail

You can access the full 2019 programme on this webpage (including how to download the HM Rage app).

Coming and going from camp

For safety and security reasons we ask that once you’re at camp, you stay there and don’t go off site. We also do not allow day visitors for the same reasons. Trust us though, once you arrive you’ll be gutted you have to leave come Monday!

Be a dream, keep it clean

A gentle reminder that HM Rage has a zero-tolerance policy to drugs and alcohol. Parents of offenders will be contacted and are required to pick up their young person on the same day.