Registrations now closed!

Check back next year to get your group registered for HM Rage 2020

Future reference... Here's how it works

Are you a youth leader wanting to register your group?

Each youth group is responsible for registering their whole youth group with Totara Springs Christian Centre. To register:

  • First, download the individual registration form (available below), print, provide to all your youth and leaders, and collect back once they've filled them in.
  • Next, download the group registration form (also available below), complete it using information collected from individual registration forms, and send to Totara Springs by Friday 17 May.

Note: Leaders, you are not required to send the individual rego forms to Totara Springs; only the group rego form. Also, the rego cut-off date of Friday 17 May is strictly enforced - unfortunately we are unable to accept any late regos. We can, however, accept alterations to names i.e. a male can replace a male, and a female can replace a female. Please send any amendments to Totara Springs, and bring an up-to-date group list with you on the Friday night of camp.

Are you a teenager wanting to register for HM Rage?

Simply ask for an individual registration form from your youth leader, fill it out, and hand it back to them ASAP! Your youth leader will then complete registration for you.

What are the registration and payment deadlines?

Each youth group is required to register their youth group and pay Totara Springs in one lump payment* by Friday 17 May.

*See registration forms below for more details.

Additional registration queries

Contact with any registration/payment queries.

Download the rego forms

As explained above, youth leaders you'll need two forms to get your youth group registered. Click to download.


This year we've standardised the cost to make it the same for everyone. Easy peasy! Whether you are student or adult the cost is:

$190 per person

Note about special diets: There is an extra cost of $21 for those with any special dietary requirements. You’ll be able to select this option in your rego form. 

Youth, please talk to your youth group leader if cost is a concern.