For youth leaders

Registering for HM Rage

Registrations for HM Rage 2021 will open towards the end of March, and close on Friday 21st May. We have an entire webpage dedicated to telling you how to sign your youth up for this year's camp. Head over to our registration page for all the information you need.

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Our pre camp e-newsletters tell you everything you need to know in the lead-up to camp. They’re distributed every few weeks from mid-March 2021 until camp begins. If you’re a youth leader and you’re keen to bring your youth group to camp this year, it’s essential you jump on our mailing list. 

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Download our 2021 promo poster

Here's this year's Dead or Alive themed poster. Please download, print and use it to promote camp at your church in the lead-up to Queen's Birthday Weekend.

Find camp

HM Rage is held at Totara Springs Christian Centre, 288c Taihoa North Road, RD3 Matamata. Your youth group is responsible for arranging transport with your youth.

Prepare for this year’s theme: Dead or Alive

Every year camp is based around a different creative theme. This year is Dead or Alive (Romans 6:11)… you’ll see the speakers and activities incorporate this theme. Before camp, you’ve got one Dead or Alive-related job to do: plan your youth group’s costumes for Sunday’s Monster Ball! Brainstorm together and come along dressed in your best monster related costumes.

For youth

Registering for HM Rage

Registrations for HM Rage 2021 will open towards the end of March, and close on Friday 21st May. Please note, we take registrations from youth groups only (rather than from individuals). So, if you’re a high schooler looking to come along, you must hook-in with a local youth group attending HM Rage. Your youth group will download and provide you with your registration form and register your group as a whole. See your youth leader with any questions.

Packing list

Check out this list before turning up at camp to make sure you're well-prepared. One thing we’d like to stress is that it gets very cold, so make sure your gear is warm enough.


  • Bedding: Warm sleeping bag and pillow. Extras blankets are optional.
  • Warm clothes: Puffer jacket or warm jacket, thermals, beanie, socks.
  • Water proofs: Rain jacket
  • Toiletries: Soap, deodorant, toothbrush, sunblock
  • Active wear: Swimming gear, sports clothes, rough outdoor clothes. Some activities you might get messy or wet in!
  • Footwear: Old shoes (sturdy footwear will be needed for some activities), jandals.
  • Essential medications: e.g. inhalers, allergy remedies, regular medications.
  • A torch: Extremely handy in the dark.
  • Bible: Ask your youth leader if you don't have one.
  • Pen and paper: For taking notes at the sessions and electives.
  • Your friends: As many as you want, bring 'em along.
  • Monster Ball costume: This year we're having a monster ball. Brainstorm with your youth group and decide how you’ll dress to the theme.


  • Bean-bag, pillow or cushion: For breakout sessions and main sessions.
  • Musical instruments: for jammin'.
  • Sports gear: Rugby / soccer / netball / basket / beach / ping pong balls /frisbees / stilts / unicycles. Talk with your youth leader first as they might be bringing stuff.
  • Gold coins: For coffees and maybe more (buy clip cards from the office with eftpos)
  • Extra snacks if you’re prone to getting hungry! Breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided.