For Parents

As a parent or caregiver, you've probably got lots of questions about HM Rage. Please review the information below and, if you have any outstanding questions, email We will do our best to help.

What is HM Rage?

HM Rage is a Christian camp intended for teenagers. The camp has been run by a bunch of volunteers from around the North Island for 30 years. The aim is to provide a positive and FUN option for your teenager's Queens Birthday weekend.

Who looks after my teenager?

Your teenager will attend the event as part of a Youth Group (ask him/her which one if you're not sure). Outside the activities HM Rage provides, the key leader of your teenager's group is responsible for their general wellbeing at camp.

What about security and medical emergencies?

While we do take every precaution to keep the camp safe, sometimes people get sick or injured. Rest assured we have a team of experienced leaders, as well as registered nurses and doctors, on-site 24/7 to deal with any emergency.

Where is HM Rage?

For the last 30 years HM Rage has been held at Totara Springs Christian Centre: 288c Taihoa North Road, RD3 Matamata. The experienced Totara Springs staff take care of registrations, catering, and provision of some site equipment.